About Us

We, Markhor Travel and Tourism Company, are based in the heart of Dubai, the world's leading tourism destination. We started our journey with a deep passion to explore and bring the beauty of the world to our customers. With a team of distinguished experts who are passionate about travel, we guarantee to provide unique tourism experiences and unforgettable moments. We are keen to give our customers the opportunity to explore new destinations in a unique and distinctive way. Dubai is our platform, but the world is our destination. Join us and discover the world from a different perspective with Markhor! Markhor is a leading travel and tourism company, headquartered in Dubai. The company is distinguished by providing exceptional and customized travel experiences to its customers. Thanks to its distinguished and committed team, Markhor provides integrated services that include organizing tourist trips and exploratory tours that highlight the beauty and diversity of destinations.

Our vission

The company has a deep understanding of travelers' needs and desires, which allows it to offer customized solutions that meet diverse expectations. Through a wide network of partners and industry experts, Markhor ensures premium travel experiences that are comfortable and distinguished.

Our mission

Markhor strives to achieve excellence in providing travel services through innovation and technology, and always strives to exceed customer expectations by providing unforgettable travel experiences, which makes it an ideal choice for those looking for exceptional tourism trips that leave a positive impact.

What our clients say

Words of thanks, appreciation and respect. He who does not thank people does not thank God Thank you. markhor travel and tourism A very special thanks from me to the most beautiful employee, Professor * Marwa Mohamed Sayed * for her great effort and dedication to the company

Mohab Khaled

More than excellent experience and honesty in dealing. We traveled with them, and they traveled with my mother, Omar, from the Emirates to hotels and taxis, and even car service from the airport. They were very interested and followed up with us until we entered the plane. God willing, it will not be his last trip, especially the director of the office, Ms. Hind

Naglaa Mohamed

Excellent service, punctuality and convenient organization, especially since people are stressful and organization and commitment to the quality of service is important. Thank you for not being short Raed Lemon and family family

Reiadh Transport

Very good Marwa, she applied for me for a long term visa and it only took 2 hours. She sent me all the details related to Umrah as it is my first time. She organizes everything for me. I am looking forward to Umrah with them.

kinana Sayed

Meet our team

Darlene Robertson

Founder & CEO

Jenny Wilson

Marketing Manager

Jerome Bell

Product Manager

Annette Black

UI/UX Designer

Eleanor Pena

Creative Director

Marvin McKinney

Chief Financial Officer

Annette Black

Project Manager

Darrell Steward

President of Sales